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At Ngusra Group of Companies, we drive innovation and excellence across Construction, Real Estate, Travel, Gold Trading, Advertising, Oil and Gas, Logistics, Timber Trading, and Agribusiness.

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Ngusra Group of Companies

Ngusra Group of Companies is a dynamic and diversified conglomerate with a robust presence across multiple industries. Our subsidiaries span Construction and Real Estate Brokerage, Travel and Tours, Gold Trading, Advertisement, Oil and Gas, Logistics, Timber Trading, and Agribusiness. We are committed to delivering excellence and innovation in every field we operate, driven by our core values of integrity, sustainability, and customer-centricity.

We seek to coordinate the activities of each company to enhance profitability growth.

We aim at serving communities beyond boundaries with quality and commitment.

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Empowering your success with innovative solutions across multiple industries. Discover how Ngusra Group of Companies’ expertise can meet your unique needs and drive your growth.

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Ngusra Group of Companies is dedicated to delivering excellence across a wide array of industries. From Construction and Real Estate to Travel and Tours, Gold Trading, Advertising, Oil and Gas, Logistics, Timber Trading, and Agribusiness, our comprehensive services are designed to meet your unique needs. Explore how our expertise and innovation can empower your future and drive your success.


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With decades of industry expertise, Ngusra Group of Companies has built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality solutions and services.

Trust in our proven track record to drive your success and exceed your expectations.

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Your Trusted Partner for Excellence and Innovation Across Industries.

Our diverse expertise, commitment to sustainable practices, and innovative solutions set us apart. Choose us to experience unparalleled service, tailored solutions, and a partnership dedicated to your success.

Customer Oriented

We put a premium on customer satisfaction in all of our operations. At Ngusra group, our staff is determined and available to assist our clients in getting the best, quality, and affordable products and services on the market.


We conduct all our operations in a professional environment. Our professional staff executes their operations in an ethical mannerism. At Ngusra Group, we believe professionalism is the benchmark and the key to customer satisfaction in our operations.


Over the years, we have been consistent in providing timely, quality, and affordable products and services to our clients.

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